Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas
Anouk - Bracelet - Palas

Anouk - Bracelet

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  • Waterproof
  • Hand-assembled
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Belamar Shine
Boutique Palas - Printemps Haussman (Paris 9ème)

Récupération disponible, habituellement prête en 4 heures

64 Bd Haussmann
Etage -1, tous les jours de 11h30-13h puis 14h-19h30
75009 Paris


The Anouk bracelet with large knotted mesh will bring a vintage touch to your look. It is part of the New Wave collection, the retro collection inspired by the icons of La Nouvelle Vague.

You won't resist adding a Palas charm, like a Santa Bora Bora, Palmeira.

The Anouk bracelet is made of gold stainless steel, it does not discolor even in contact with water 💙. Also hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin.

Each Palas jewel is designated in Paris and assembled by hand in our workshop in Lisbon.

Made in 18 carats gold-plated stainless steel
Chain width: 6mm
Knot: 7mm

Metropolitan France:

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Returns can be made within 15 days of receiving your order.

The 18k gold-plated stainless steel we use requires very little maintenance. It does not tarnish when in contact with skin or water (even saltwater) and will not cause any skin reactions. It is for all these qualities that we have chosen it for all our jewelry.

If your jewelry gets dirty, simply rub it with a soft cloth and soap. It will then regain its shine.

Our jewelry comes with a 12-month guarantee and we can repair it throughout its entire lifetime.

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All Palas creations have been designed in Paris and meticulously hand-assembled in our workshop in Lisbon. They are crafted from 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel, a material we adore for its hypoallergenic qualities and water resistance. Enjoy your jewelry all year round without fear of damaging them.

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